Artist’s books Nestler 16″ x 13″ x1.5″2008Japanese & handmade papers, red willow twigs, silk and cotton thread, text from an old family record of births and deaths. Crochet, hand stitching, machine sewing, embroidery. Nestler talks about the young souls that inhabit what used to be called “limbo”. The text comes from and old record keeping

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Artist’s books SOUVENIRS 5”1/4 x 7” x 5“1/22008Wood, Vandykes, text from 16th century Spanish writings on the Americas, various handmade and Japanese papers, inkjet photographs, antique crocheted application, waxed linen thread, red willow twigs, leather, and silk threads. This book talks about overcoming struggles. The images of scars represent hardships of all kinds: from pain

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Artist’s books GERMINATION 15″ x 17″ x 6″2008Paper, waxed linen thread, silk and cotton thread, raffia, pages from an old book, cinnamon stick, dowels, and wire. Hand stitching, machine sewing, crochet. Germination is a work about fertilization and reproduction. It was created after going through a hysterectomy, a surgery that inevitably brought up strong and

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