Soy de Aquí y Soy de Allá ( Iam from here and I am from there)

Artist’s Book: Etching, silkscreen, relief, photography, collage, & thread drawings.

sizes: Container, 5.5″ in diameter x 8″ H. Folded book, 6” x 8.5” x 1.5”.  Open book, 36”x 24”.

For many years, after immigrating to the US, having grown up in Ecuador, I felt that I was “neither from here nor from there”. When one migrates to a different culture, an inner chasm is created in which you feel that you don’t fully belong to either one of them. The one you left behind cries for you but is distant; the one you came to is full of codes that are difficult to crack. But after years of experiences and going back and forth from one country to another, you realize that you belong to both cultures. And finally, a bridge is created over the abyss, and you stop having the internal fight and you know that you are “from here and from there.”

In the collection of The University of California Berkeley, Artist’s Books Collection.


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