Immigrant Invisibility and the Post-9/11 Border in Sandra Fernandez´s Coming of Age

alter/nativas, Latin American Cultural Studies Journal. Article by: Tatiana Reinoza, Darmouth College/ 2017.

Latino Art and the Immigrant Artist: The Case of Sandra C. Fernández

Diálogo, an Interdisciplinary Studies Journal, Published by the Center for Latino Research, De Paul University. Article by: Tatiana Flores, Rutgers University-New Jersey/2015.

Sandra C. Fernández: Fractured Layers of Dreams and Memories and Hope for the Future

Contracorriente, A journal of Social History and Literature in Latin America]. Article by Holly Barnet-Sánchez, University of New Mexico/ 2016.


Where are they now?

Care Package, Center for the Arts & Religion (CARe), Article by: Johana Junker, Center for the Arts & Religion (CARe) /2018.

Crossings/Mojándose: Works by Sandra C. Fernández–On Weaving “Fugitive Identities” and Strategies of Resistance

Care Package, Center for the Arts & Religion (CARe) Article by: Yohana Junker, Art & Religion Ph.D Student, Graduate Theological Union/ 2016

Sandra C. Fernandez teaching by example.

Aether, A Visual Arts Dialogue. Article b y: Catherine Zinser/2012.

Homage to the Unknown Woman by Sandra C. Fernandez.

Art Across Borders Public Art Project promotes the work of 5 UB artists, Article by: Jennifer Lewandowsky/ 2001.

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