Nourishment Structure

12” x 5” x 6”1/2
Vandykes printed on wood, crocheted linen, coiled raffia.

This is a maternal piece, celebratory of pregnancy and of becoming a mother. It came about after I gave birth to my first child. The oval shape refers to the uterus, and the crocheted ‘ball’ is the placenta. It also refers to the umbilical cord that nurtures the life of the fetus inside the womb. The entire shape is symbolic of the uterus as a container. The images on the outside are my handwriting as a child (they can be anybody’s handwriting of a kid), and the image is a sonogram of my boy in my womb when he was just a fetus.
In the collection of the Moody Library Special Collections Book Arts, Baylor University, Waco TX.
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