Tampering with Paradise

In 2006, while I was teaching at the University of Texas in Austin,  I invited my dear colleague and friend Lee Chesney II to collaborate in the creation of a work for the Man+Woman= Creation, IV International Textile Biennial, San Jose, Costa Rica. I had noticed that Lee had tons of beautiful “demo” prints that were sitting in a drawer and I proposed to him that we cut them out and use the pieces to create new compositions. He agreed and we brainstormed the theme for our work. At the time hurricane Katrina had hit very close to home bringing  devastation and terrible destruction, and we decided to talk in our piece about climate change. We worked for days and we came up with three different segments for our piece: the first one to the left was the past, the center was the present and the right was the future. Continuing with my previous work, my initial intentionfor this piece was to sew all the pieces together once the compositions were ready. We worked together so well and we loved the results! We even received an Honorable Mention at the biennial for this work. 

My dear friend Lee passed away earlier this year (2022). I miss him greatly. He will forever be in my heart as the sweet, kind, and generous individual he was; always with a smile on his face and willingness to help out.

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