Maldición de Malinche (Malinche's curse)

Etching, engraving, chine colé, blind embossment and thread drawing
11″ x 15″

La Malinche, daughter of noble caciques in Mexico, was given away by her mother to slave traficants. She traveled from place to place and learned different native languages. During the conquest in the 16th century, she was sold to Hernán Cortés, who lead the fall of the Aztec Empire. She became Cortes’s wife and became instrumental in the communication between the natives and the Spaniards, acting as a translator and connecting both worlds. The curse of Malinche often refers to an attitude that anything that comes from outside is better, undervaluing own heritage. La Malinche is seen in various ways: as the embodiment of betrayal, a victim par excellence or simply as a symbolic mother of the new mestizo cultures that emerged.

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