Homage to the Unknown Woman

6.5′ H x 7′ in diameter
Etched copper sheets sewn with wire onto stainless steel mesh, embossed copper cylinder.

This sculpture was commissioned by the city of Buffalo in New York for the PAN-AM PUBLIC ART PROJECT: ART WITHOUT BORDERS, Women’s Pavilion Pan-American centennial celebration 2001, where eight public artworks by ten artists were installed throughout the city.

This work seeks to represent the plight of women in the Americas whose contributions and achievements go underappreciated because they are anonymous and silent. It is an homage to all those “behind the scenes” mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and lovers whose names do not appear in the history books as mayor contributors, but who nevertheless play a most important role as the support system of those who do. The sculpture has the shape of a giant skirt woven together by engraved copper sheets.

Located in the Theater District, downtown Buffalo, NY

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