Felipe Gomez Alonso (víctima desapercibida)

Silkscreen & thread drawing
15″ x 22″

Felipe was the second Guatemalan child to die in migrant custody in a detention facility in the United States, under the government of Donald Trump who established a “zero tolerance” policy under his presidency in 2018. Felipe crossed the border with his father and was detained. While in custody he got ill and was not treated appropriately.  He died of complications of influenza B infection. Felipe was an 8-year-old child, one of the many unnoticed victims who came to our country in search of a better life, and unfortunately succumbed to a system filled with injustices and inequalities


Made for the Portfolio Exchange “The Dream (is Still) Deferred, organized by proffesors Geoff  Sciacca and Jamaal Barber/Samford University, Alabama.




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