Coming of Age II (Exterior Tranformations)

6’ x 4.5’ in diameter
Cut-out prints reconfigured and sewn back together, fabric, thread drawings, a mannequin.

“Coming of age II” celebrates the 15th year foundation of the SERIE Project (1993-2008). This Quinceañera dress was made with pieces cut out from the left-out prints generated at the studio by the hundreds of artists that went through their Visiting Artist Program. The composition of the “fabric” of the dress reflects how the SERIE’s journey has come about: like in a quilt, individual pieces stitched together to create a colorful, bright whole, a whole that also has dark and pale spots. So too are individuals in our Latino community brought together by the stitches of friendship and a common vision, sharing a history that is also punctuated by peaks and valleys, heights, and lows.
(This work was dedicated to the memory of Sam Z. Coronado, Founder of the SERIE Project who passed away in 2013)

In a private collection

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